Big Energy and the Forestry Commission Working Together for Sustainability


UK electric company E.ON has secured a deal with the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) to develop large-scale wind projects on land owned by the FCS in two separate regions of Scotland.  This is part of a recently announced cooperative plan between the FCS and big energy companies. Progress is currently underway in order to determine the potential for efficient wind harvesting, which if approved, would be a significant boost to the renewable energy industry in Scotland.  It is estimated that such a project would provide electricity to over 270,000 homes, or the equivalent of about 500MW of renewable energy produced over a year.


This is not the first venture into renewable energy production for E.ON, they have already established themselves as key players in the move towards a more sustainable future. The company have invested in both onshore and offshore wind farms, as well as one wave power operation, and they currently have numerous other projects in the initial phases of development.


This opportunity should be viewed by others as not only a step in the right direction but also as a way to introduce greater cooperation and involvement between local communities and the energy companies that power them.  While this particular project is exclusive to E.ON and the FCS, there are still many similar multi-use land opportunities to be seized along the Scottish coastline and other areas that naturally lend themselves to green power such as wind and tidal.


E.ON and the FCS in working together are taking the lead and by example should motivate other organizations to look toward the future and continue to invest in and develop green energy. Large power companies are an integral piece of the puzzle in taking the next step towards the goal to achieving sustainability levels that will meet or even exceed energy targets put in place by the government.

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